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Rolling hand shopping basket with a capacity of 43L.  A versatile unit, it is a compact cart with its innovative and lockable telescopic handle & silent wheels, or but it is also a shopping basket.  

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Large Size Shopping Cart perfect for a larger grocery or a general store.
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Shopping baskets will not only create a better shopping experience, but will also increase impulse buys for the customers that enter your store for only one thing but find other items on their way to what they need.

Our Plastic Shopping Baskets are made in the USA constructed  and designed with a strong plastic for constant use.  We have two sizes: Standard size and Large Size in various colors. Basket wire stands are sold seperately. 

You can also special order other colors and request logo printing.  Contact websales@ for more information. 

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Shopping Basket Set includes:12 Baskets (Standard size or Large Size), Stand Rack, and Signage in color of Basket

Colors available are Green, Blue or Red

Special orders with other colors and logos can be ordered.  Please contact for further information.  

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An ideal shopping cart for crowded aisles or smaller stores.

Remanufactured carts are powder coated.

Rear lower shelf recessed deters shin contact.

Corner bumpers-both bottom and top.

Total Capacity:90 Liters

Top Basket Capacity:43 Liters

Bottom Basket Capacity:33 Liters

Rear Shelf Capacity: 14 Liters

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The economical plastic baskets are durable and rigid for constand customer use at a GOOD Price.

Available in stock Blue, Green, and Red
Basket measures 18"L X 12"W X10"H
Can be stacked and stored in Wire Basket Stand

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6 Item(s)